The Scars Of Eden - Paul Wallis

Revealing how history was hidden in the past, and the origins of man are a lot different than what is taught.


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The Scars Of Eden - Paul Wallis

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Lots of great research and logic along with some things I wasn't aware of, well worth watching:

WHO and What is REALLY Controlling This World?!..Shocking Revelations of History Documentary Box-set

Many of the world’s oldest mythologies claim that governance over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by superior beings or “gods.”

We've had many requests for an ancient history compilation production by Paul Wallis - so it is! This video combines the topics already covered on the 5th kind by author and researcher Paul Wallis into an ordered compilation sequence. This video is the first of 2 parts. Covering topics such as Ancient Mythologies, Biblical Translations, Ancient Aliens, The Kings List, Anomalies within the bible, The book of Enoch, Control and Suppression of information. Mami Wata people, Indian Vimanas, Ancient Technology, UFOs in ancient art, Alien abduction accounts, Human abilities and potential and much more!

Mesopotamian Stories from the ancient cultures of Sumeria, Babylonia, Akkadia and Assyria speak of the arrival on planet Earth of advanced extra-terrestrial people in our deep past. These stories, curated by the world’s oldest known culture, with the world’s oldest body of written texts, speak of Anunnaki – Sky People – who colonised planet earth, genetically modifying our hominid ancestors and governing over planet earth for tens and hundreds of thousands of years.

The Mespotamian stories are the stories of plural advanced beings, not from Earth and not human. Enki is the commander of project Earth. His younger brother Enlil is the commander of this region of space. Other entities Namma, Ninhursag, Qingu, Marduk all play their part in a story of conflicts over their agendas for our planet and our race.

The stories of the Elohim / The Powerful Ones of the Bible appear to be a summary form of these even more ancient recollections of Sky People!
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