Do Volcanoes Attract Meteors?

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Do Volcanoes Attract Meteors?

Post by Djchrismac » Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:42 pm

Comyns Beaumont's first book, The Riddle of the Earth, shows some excellent reasoning and lots of evidence that Volcanoes attract meteors. Many weather anomalies and earthquakes coincide with these events and observing maps and other evidence also shows that there is a north east to south west line for this, with exceptions being a result of the tilting of the Earth's axis post-deluge by 23.5 degrees which also added 5 days to our orbit, from 360 to 365 days.

Doing some follow up research confirmed a lot of Comyn's research, such as the path of an earthquake moving from NE to SW - Messina/Reggio is north East of Etna which also erupted, and the earthquake was preceed by a loud bang and flash first, followed by torrential rain, an electrical storm and then the eruption and larger earthquake and tsunami which eventually killed c.80,000 people but possibly many more thousands. ... t_djvu.txt

A fairly recent scientific expedition from Malta, investigating this tsunami which also hit Malta in 1908 following the Messina-Reggio incident, was on the boat called... the RV Meteor! ... ami.402333

Checking some gravity and magnetic anomaly maps and kml files on google earth shows that these regions, especially those along the volcanic regions of the planet such as the pacific ring of fire, are different to the surrounding areas.

Many volcanic craters and parasitic cones are also along this NE-SW line, with CB theorising that the magnetic pull from the north pole attracts meteors and more often than not towards volcanoes, some also creating volcanic islands when hitting the sea.

The second half of the book is more about the attraction of comets to the sun and how many meteor storms are a result of the break-up of comets, with few if any making a return journey every X number of years as mainstream science maintains. Cometary gases and tails, when passing our orbit, also bring with them deluges and freak weather events and there is overwhelming evidence for this too.

It also delves into mythology for further supporting evidence and really hits home how much meteors and comets are underplayed by science, almost as if they don't want us to worry about them or investigate what we know as the Great Bombardment and events during the wars of the Gods and Giants.

Finally, the focus is on comets and the deluge, looking at the mystery of the drift, which instead of being a long and slow geoelogic event involving massive ice sheets covering the planet, a clear fudge by geologists who look to the ground and don't entertain any corroborating evidence from the sky, shows evidence of an impact by a comet which landed in the north Atlantic...

I've also finished his second book, The Mysterious Comet, which goes into more detail about meteors and weather, comets, the invasion of the seas, rising oceans, the drift and the drowning of Britain, raised beaches, climate deterioration and dying races, showing how such a global catastrophe resulted in the original ancient world of the Old Testament, referred to throughout along with mythology, migrating south to around the Mediterranean and Africa as a result of the mini-ice age which followed the deluge. He also emphasises how this was all a lot later in history and the chronology than we have been led to believe, setting up a closer look at our history and chronology, the original biblical lands and the cover up of the Roman Empire of the truth which is the next book i'm now reading.

In summary:

A) A comet or series of meteors in striking the earth compel readjustment of the earths centre of gravity or axis, and this necessarily means a change in the Poles.
B) Such appulsion may be great or relatively great or it may be small.
C) Its direct effects mean earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tempests, floods, and in many cases physical changes on a big scale. It may destroy numbers of existing types and may usher in new types.
D) Indirectly it may greatly change the earth's climate, apart from the drastic local changes in the direction of the former and new poles.
(a lot of evidence is also shown regarding the drift and how Britain had a much warmer climate before this event, before the tilt moved our Isles further north)
E)The point of appulsion necessarily has a bearing on the indirect changes, namely, the new angle of obliquity, or list that may be caused, and again, the weight of the new materia which affects the earth's orbit and distance from the sun.
(adding an extra 5 days and resetting the calendar, as shown and recorded in countless stone circles and ancient monuments)
F) The weight of the new materia as far as permanent effects are concerned in the earth's obliquity (not orbit) is limited to the solid materia, because eventually the water (i.e. the condensed gases) must flow and move until they are equalised horizontally.

Jeff Nisbet has also done some excellent related research which can be found here: ... revisited/

As Comyns' first book is from 1925 and the next one from 1932, he does miss out on some things that modern science has expanded upon since (especially the incredible Shock Dynamics Theory by John Michael Fischer -, but overall it's a very logical investigation and also provides more evidence to support an expanding earth, the great bombardment and the subsequent covering up and creation of a new history and chronology, as per the daniel papers.

More recently, mainstream scientists have been finding lots of evidence of meteor strikes in Scotland, in Skye and Lairg, yet more proof of the destruction of Atlantis, the Bargos Islands and northern UK as a result of the Great Bombardment, an event that massively affected the entire planet: ... backstory/ ... 05539.html

Comyns research also provides an explanation for the many vitrified hill forts in Scotland, being a result of meteoric electrical storms, funnily enough with the NE walls showing the most evidence of this.

Fascinating stuff and well worth further discussion as from what I have read so far, it not only validates the daniel papers even more but it looks like meteors and comets play a much bigger role in our planet than the mainstream would have us believe...
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Re: Do Volcanoes Attract Meteors?

Post by kevinspencer » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:21 am

Gigantic meteorites, of course, may punch straight through the crust, as well as volcanic bombs can easily travel many kilometers from their source.

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