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The Sanctuary Project

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/28/2014 - 17:35

Overview of the Sanctuary Project

A Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Plan for the Evolution of the Body, Mind and Spirit

The project is divided into a number of stages, each addressing a specific need in the process of the Magnum Opus1:


Stage 1: Antiquatis Institute: Providing public access to information, through virtual and physical resources, such as web sites, discussion fora, documents, presentations formal classes, workshops and audio-visual materials.


Stage 2: Central Information: share what we already know, what we have learned on our own, and where things are heading through research. A library and computer complex that provides secure access to that information, and a portal to share your own knowledge and experiences.


Stage 3: The Monastery: a place of living and learning spiritual advancement, from any spiritual path. Monasteries are typically created to live a specific faith or discipline. We believe that all paths lead to enlightenment and if we share what we have learned, we will learn more and find the ultimate truths to the Universe. So the monastery is envisioned as the common denominator; a place where Buddhists can chat with Christians and swap ideas with Asatru, in an open, sharing environment.

Two additional stages have been proposed, but right now we are concentrating in bringing the first three stages into reality. They are:

Stage 4: The Tomorrow People: First recognized by Roger Price in his BBC television series, The Tomorrow People, has become a reality--people being born with some rather remarkable "gifts" (what was called ESP in the old days, "psychism" later on, and now the study of psionics). Stage 4 is envisioned as an extension of the first three stages specifically for those with psionic gifts, to help them comprehend how they work and to safely develop them to their fullest potential.


Stage 5: Magnum Novus: An advanced research unit into the study of consciousness and the underlying nature of the Universe, itself. The place to be, if you want to be a professor at Hogwarts!


Contributing authors to the Sanctuary Project

Bruce Peret, Wyoming, united States of America
Gopi Krishna V., Texas, united States of America
Parnell Springmeyer, Texas, united States of America

1 Magnum Opus (ML. Great Work), is an ancient tradition in Western cultures referring to the process of individual enlightenment as a conscious, deliberate act.