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Conscious Evolution

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/28/2014 - 17:50

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

—Mahatma Gandhi

The core concepts behind the project are simple: compassion, moderation and kindness to promote personal, cultural and societal growth. They are held in the highest esteem by every culture on Earth, so why aren’t people living their lives by them?

The only constant in this Universe is change, and the world around is changing at a remarkable rate. Individuals “value” those changes and those values, themselves, are based on personal experience and understanding. One needs to qualify the changes one is trying to bring about, both within and without, which would serve as a guiding principle.

The nature of change is such that there is always an evolution towards an increase in consciousness. Whatever different routes one examines, be it the “Man must reach the level of Godhead” idea of many religions, or the quest to discover and understand all the “Laws of Nature” as the scientist refers to them, a distinguishing feature of these routes is the underlying emphasis on an increase in understanding, knowledge, and the capacity to act based on that—in short, an increase in consciousness of the individual. Consciousness includes a greater capacity to understand, act and predict the consequences of actions—both your own, and of others. This consciousness can be increased by every individual, by recognizing how it operates both within and without.

This drive to evolve prevails not just in human interactions but also in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. The direction of evolution is pointed out clearly by an increase in complexity with a concomitant decrease in numbers; the evolutionary pyramid. Hence, complex chemical compounds are rarer to find than simple compounds, as plants are rarer to find than bacteria. This gives us a clue regarding another nature of the change—it moves towards an increase in consciousness, or complexity, in basically all the fields open to us… in other words, everything grows and evolves in its own sense.

The distinguishing feature of the human being is individuality; they can choose to evolve—or not. The refusal to make a choice, in itself, constitutes a choice. If the previous stage of evolution brought the mammal to an individual, thinking being, the next stage would occur via thought and a knowing, conscious act. Information is the key to making such a choice. The knowledge and experience of others is very useful information, which will be available in the library.

For the Individual, the  Sanctuary Project provides an opportunity to evolve, as a conscious choice. It serves as a foundation, not one that is “set in stone” but as the idea of “growth” that changes according to individual perceptions. The idea of an underlying, evolving principle is again as old (and new) as time, with the Eastern names like Tao, Brahman, and what we now call Kheb… holding it as a worthy and reasonable motto with which to seed the Sanctuary and bring in the next evolutionary stage of mankind.