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Site Shutting Down

Due to serious health issues, I will no longer be able to maintain this site (though I've asked, no one has yet to step forward to continue it). So, I am disabling new users, stopping updates and making an archive copy for the future. The site will eventually go off-line, but should remain available on the Waybac machine. In the meantime, you can still browse the existing information, and old logins will still work to get access to restricted areas.

The Sanctuary Project

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/28/2014 - 17:35

Overview of the Sanctuary Project

A Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Plan for the Evolution of the Body, Mind and Spirit

The project is divided into a number of stages, each addressing a specific need in the process of the Magnum Opus1:

Welcome to Antiquatis

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/21/2014 - 15:28

I am currently in the process of reloading content from the old site, trying to keep the old URL paths valid. Registrations are enabled, you will need a registration code to create an account due to the high number of bogus registrations from "zombie" computers, trying to spam the site. I just don't have the time to waste deleting bogus accounts and posts; logging in to find 960 new accounts, all made of random letters and numbers, and 4000 posts pending approval for Viagra... I have better things to do.

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