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Antiquatis Institute Under Construction

A new version of Antiquatis Institute is being constructed.
To access an archive of the old site, please visit: Antiquatis.NET

Registration and Logins are currently enabled, but require a registration code. Please check the Website information section of the Antiquatis Forum for details.

The Sanctuary Project

Overview of the Sanctuary Project

A Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Plan for the Evolution of the Body, Mind and Spirit

The project is divided into a number of stages, each addressing a specific need in the process of the Magnum Opus1:

Welcome to Antiquatis

I am currently in the process of reloading content from the old site, trying to keep the old URL paths valid. Registrations are enabled, you will need a registration code to create an account due to the high number of bogus registrations from "zombie" computers, trying to spam the site. I just don't have the time to waste deleting bogus accounts and posts; loggin in to find 960 new accounts, all made of random letters and numbers, and 4000 posts pending approval for Viagra... I have better things to do.

New Website updates

This new site is dedicated to bringing the Sanctuary Project to life, starting with a Virtual Monastery, to make available the resources to help a person move towards a more ethical philosophy that is based on rapport, rather than the current paradigm of the mercantile-rivalry system. Monastery pioneers (not students--explorers into a spiritual path) have the tools to share their knowledge and experience with others, either publicly, within the monastic community, or privately with selected guides.

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